Details of work I have performed in for other artists.

dora garcia.jpg

Dora Garcia's All The Stories

A man/ a woman recites all the stories of the world in a loud voice. When she is done, all the stories, all men and women, all time and all places will have passed through her lips.

In 2011 I was one of several performers who read sections of Dora Garcia's All The Stories aloud at Spike Island, as part of Again, A Time Machine

Cara Tolmie's Pley

Pley was shot inside a structure specifically designed by the artist to host a series of encounters between three strangers. The set is comprised of two spaces, one inside the other, though at no point while watching the film does the viewer see its exterior or understand fully its internal architecture. Over a number of hours the participants undertook activities devised by Tolmie that were deliberately left undocumented. Instead, the interviews that the artist conducted afterwards form the basis of the work. Filmed individually, the participants reflect on their assumptions about each other, about Tolmie herself and about the tasks they were asked to fulfill. Their responses reveal differing inclinations to accept or challenge the temporary social setting into which they were placed.

In 2013 I was one of the participants in Cara Tolmie's exquisite Pley. Watch an extract here.



Ruaidhri Ryan's Presenting Ruaidhri


Presenting Ruaidhri (Je Vous Presente Ruaidhri) introduces a man who walks to the shops to purchase a pint of milk, his employees are paid to follow him, controlling the light on his face to be the most flattering possible.

In 2011 I was part of the cast/crew who made up Ruaidhri Ryan's film, view it online here.