(Short Pause), test performance with Tim Croft, Nov 2015

(Short Pause), test performance with Tim Croft, Nov 2015

Grace Denton is a current student of the BxNU Master of Fine Art.

Since graduating from UEA with a BA in English Literature, she has worked at Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Norwich Women’s Employment, Enterprise and Training Unit, Architecture Centre Bristol and Watershed. She has worked as a freelance producer with Molly Naylor and Byron Vincent. She started Often and Mistakes with Rose Robbins, and Judy Works with Rosa Martyn.

In 2011 she became a Spike Island Associate, and slowly began to understand her place in contemporary art. This is an ongoing performative process.

Since 2007 Grace has played music with and for various people: The Middle Ones, EXPENSIVE, Mat Riviere, Trust Fund, Lynx Africa, Your Mouth, Competition, and under her own name for a contribution to a WFMU fundraising album.
Her newest music project is Bedd.

email: hello@gracedenton.co.uk